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Courses and Resources for Teachers
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Credits: 3
Product Types: Online Learning
University Partners: Augustana University

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The Groups program offers our best savings. A Group consists of at least three teachers who register using the same group code. Savings range from $70 off a 3-credit course for groups of 3-5 to $115 off for groups of 20+. Groups of 6 or more earn a free 1-credit course. Group members pick their own course, their own term, and pay with their own credit card. When registering for 3 or more courses in a group order, you unlock the flexibility of our 12-month Pay-As-You-Learn payment planBecoming a group leader is easy. If you’re lucky enough to have a group code, select your courses in our online course catalog and enter your Group code upon checkout. Group discounts are not available on Flex Credit or Fast Track courses.
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