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Immersive Learning with Google Arts & Culture | Learners Edge

Immersive Learning with Google Arts & Culture
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Make learning come alive with Google Arts & Culture! Discover the incredible resources available on this digital database with artwork, artifacts, and 360-degree images of natural wonders, cultural sites, and more. Whether you teach the arts, history, STEM, world language, or another content area, Google Arts & Culture offers resources to enhance learning and engage students. Global museum collections, themed topic areas, virtual field trips in augmented and virtual reality, and interactive experiments connect students with real-world, immersive experiences. Curate exciting and memorable lessons with ready-to-go resources made for educators. In this exploratory course, you’ll familiarize yourself with Google Arts & Culture resources and “wow” students as you bring the world to the classroom with technology.


Do you love this course as much as we do? It is currently available to be “unlocked” only for groups! Details HERE.


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