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Techie Teacher Bundle $103/month | Learners Edge

Techie Teacher Bundle $103/month

Select a monthly payment plan or pay upfront - your choice!

Teaching Channel and American College of Education (ACE) have partnered to create a new credit pathway with options to fit your learning goals and provide maximum benefits. Achieve career and salary advancement, meet license renewal requirements, save money, utilize a convenient payment plan, and apply 9 credits (represents approximately 25% of total degree credits requirements) toward your ACE master’s or doctoral degree when you register for the American College of Education 3-Course Bundle.

The Techie Teacher Bundle offers a comprehensive and practical guide to integrating technology in the classroom, providing you with the tools and strategies you need to engage and inspire your students.

Techie Teacher Bundle Courses:

5833: One Stop Shop: Online Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms for your Classroom

5099: Docs, Slides, and Forms in the Classroom: Your Next Level Google Guide

5098: Enhancing Formative Assessment Practices with Technology

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3-Course Bundle Terms and Conditions

If you are an international student, we have a bundle option specifically for you. Explore our Bookless Bundle as textbook shipping for bundles is not available for international students.

*No further discounts apply to this bundle
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