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Navigating Anxiety for Student Well-Being | Learners Edge

Navigating Anxiety for Student Well-Being
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As we continue to learn more about children and their mental health needs, anxiety remains a challenge for students everywhere. This course shares information about the multifaceted aspects of student anxiety, including the role of the brain, impacts of social media on student mental health, and considerations for discussing anxiety with students. You’ll learn about accommodations and modifications for students with anxiety, and connect it to rising school absenteeism challenges. Boost your toolbox with a variety of strategies proven to be successful for students with anxiety, including mindfulness practices, awareness and grounding techniques, and the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) Triangle. At the end, you will be prepared to share information with colleagues and support students struggling with anxiety through sure-fire strategies learned in the course. You can make a positive impact by understanding the whats, hows, and whys of anxiety.


This course cannot be taken if you have already taken 5102 due to similar content.

*No group discounts apply
Spring 2024 Fast Track
Registration Open: Jan 2, 2024 - May 15, 2024
Coursework Due: May 30, 2024
This course does not have a textbook
  • American College of Education
  • Andrews University
  • Augustana University
  • Lourdes University
  • Roosevelt University