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Positive Partnerships with Family Engagement | Learners Edge

Positive Partnerships with Family Engagement
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What if there was a strategy that could boost students' level of achievement, increase self-confidence, ensure a sense of belonging, and instigate positive school experiences? There is, and it’s called family  engagement! Back-to-School nights, open houses, and orientations are just three tried-and-true ways to encourage families to be involved with their student’s education. Positive Partnerships with Family Engagement explores the purpose, planning and hosting of events that invite families to support their children through connection, cooperation, and collaboration. Understand the effects of cultural inequities, harsh discipline, and how racism affects families’ comfort level at school while discovering how cultural competence builds strong engagement. Investigate ways to manage and recruit school volunteers and tips for planning parent/family-teacher conferences. Explore communication practices, podcasts, and social media platforms to stay up-to-date with fresh ideas to engage families. Whether you're a classroom teacher, school leader, or work in schools in any capacity, this course will support you in making stronger connections with families!


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