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Multiple Perspectives in U.S. Colonial History | Learners Edge

Multiple Perspectives in U.S. Colonial History
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This course explores the concept of multiple perspectives, specifically those of Native Americans, African-Americans, and women, while teaching about U.S. Colonial History. You will evaluate different frameworks for historical analysis that incorporate diverse viewpoints and narratives, and develop an outline to educate colleagues, families, and/or administrators about the significance of multiperspectivity. Articulate strategies for revising your instruction to emphasize the interconnectedness between Native American history and U.S. Colonial History, to foster a more comprehensive understanding of these intertwined narratives. You will design an engaging activity centered around learning the perspective of African-Americans in U.S. Colonial history, promoting empathy, and nurturing a deeper appreciation for diverse experiences. Lastly, you’ll create micro-goals to guide your teaching practice, focusing on the inclusion of multiple perspectives in teaching U.S. Colonial History. This course will provide ideas and resources to foster a more inclusive and holistic educational experience for all learners.
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Summer 2024
Registration Open: Dec 16, 2023 - Jul 15, 2024
Coursework Due: Aug 15, 2024
Fall 2024
Registration Open: Mar 16, 2024 - Oct 22, 2024
Coursework Due: Nov 15, 2024
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  • American College of Education
  • Andrews University
  • Augustana University
  • Greenville University
  • Lourdes University
  • Loyola Marymount University
  • Roosevelt University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Teaching Channel
  • Upper Iowa University