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Unveiling Efficiency & Engagement with the Magic School AI Tool | Learners Edge

Unveiling Efficiency & Engagement with the Magic School AI Tool
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What enchanting technology grants teachers the gift of extra time? Enter the Artificial Intelligence-powered world of Magic School AI! Among the growing field of generative AI tools, Magic School AI has emerged as a comprehensive favorite designed to meet educators’ needs. This easy-to-use, free, customizable tool is a powerful teacher assistant, simplifying tasks like differentiating lessons, creating assessments, designing IEPs, crafting clear communication, and more. This course will take you from basic navigation to innovative creation with Magic AI’s rubric, choice board, and exemplar generators. Discover recommended tools tailored to your role and content area, and ideas for using the embedded MagicStudent tool to create a safe, guided AI experience for students. Whether you're an AI novice or an experienced user, this course unveils the enchanting features of Magic School and will empower you to apply timesaving teaching tools with confidence and creativity.


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